Fundraising Preference Service
Introduced on 6th July 2017 there is a new opt-out service that is free of charge, to stop charities pestering you for cash over and above that which you may have already agreed to donate. You can stop marketing calls by telephone, email, text or post or any combination of these means of contact, for up to three specific charities. For example, you may have agreed to donate an amount but then you receive letters, emails or calls asking for another donation. These extra requests are what you can register to stop. You opt out by entering your details and the name or registered number of the charity at: . If you do not use a computer you can telephone the service at: 0300 303 3517. You can also opt out on behalf of a friend or relative, if they are unable to do so. The FPS will contact the person to tell them that their details have been entered.
As well as the new service described, don’t forget you can reduce junk mail and calls by registering with The Telephone Preference Service, The Mail Preference Service, The Royal Mail’s Door-to-Door Opt-out. These are all free of charge. BT has a Call Protect Service, which is free to BT customers, to combat nuisance calls.